Sectoral Qualifications Framework for TOURISM (SQFT)

TourismThe Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Tourism is one of the largest. As the sector is complex and diverse, it comprises four sub-frameworks describing other levels and qualifications. Its authors have emphasised that numerous other sub-frameworks will be required for subsequent areas. “Our framework is entirely different from those set up for the banking or sports area, for example. People tend to believe that a sector is no different from an industry, but there are multi-industry sectors out there, tourism being one of them. This is how we ended up with a framework consisting of four sub-frameworks,” says Professor Hanna Zawistowska of the Chair of Tourism of the Warsaw School of Economics, leader of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Tourism development project.


Sectoral Qualifications Framework for BANKING (SQFB)

BanksBanks: we look forward to implementation of our framework
“Banks have seized the opportunity presented by development of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Banking and we are now hungry for more and look forward to its implementation,” admits Mariola Szymańska-Koszczyc of the Warsaw Banking Institute, the substantive manager of the SQFB project. It was the first sectoral framework designed in Poland – for the banking sector, whose community was enthusiastically contributing to its creation. The framework will become an element of the Polish and the European Qualifications Framework, which will enormously enhance mobility on this labour market.


Sectoral Qualifications Framework: Telecommunications

Efficient, state-of-the-art, generally accessible telecommunication systems are required for purposes of all social and economic development. Professional staff determine the quality of all telecommunication systems and services. The Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Telecommunications (SQF Tele) is to assist in the process of creating modern, transparent, and comparable forms of education, validation, and qualifications certification in the telecommunications sector.


Polish Qualifications Framework

Polish Qualifications FrameworkThe modernization of Polish qualifications initiated with the enactment of the Act of 22 December 2015 on the Integrated Qualifications System (Journal of Laws 2016, item 64) is based on the adoption of common principles governing the qualifications operating in different areas. The integrated system consists of elements that already function in Polish society and its economy, as well as new instruments, to effectively integrate the entire system.


Polish Qualifications Framework - user's guide

Polish Qualifications Framework - user's guideThe publication presents Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) - one of the most important tools for an integrated qualifications system, developed as a result of several years of expert efforts and a broad public debate. PQF organizes qualifications awarded in the education and higher education systems and beyond. It facilitates comparison and relating Polish qualifications to qualifications in other European countries.


The validation of Learning Outcomes in Poland - New Opportunities for Attaining Qualifications

 THE VALIDATION OF LEARNING  OUTCOMES IN POLAND – NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR ATTAINING QUALIFICATIONSWhat has changed in the assessment of competences with the recently introduced Act on the Integrated Qualifications System? What exactly is validation? What methods are used in validation? Who should be involved in the process?


The Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Sport (SQFS)

The Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Sport (SQFS)The Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Sport (SQFS) is the industry’s interpretation of the Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF), a tool that organises all qualifications (diplomas, certificates) existing in Poland, acquired in various ways and different places, to eight competence levels, and at the same time allows qualifications to be compared to those existing across Europe.


How to describe market qualifications for the Polish Qualifications System

How to describe market qualifications for the Polish Qualifications SystemThis guidebook was written with the persons in mind who are interested in describing qualifications awarded outside the formal general, vocational and higher education systems.

It presents the scope and type of information required in applications for including a qualification in the Integrated Qualifications System.


The quality assurance of qualifications in the integrated qualifications system

The quality assurance of qualifications in the integrated qualifications systemThis publication summarises the work carried out on the issue of quality assurance and the principles of ensuring quality assurance.

Among the issues addressed are the model of ensuring quality assurance and the scope of activities of specific institutions involved in quality assurance.


Competency-based human resources management

Competency-based human resources management  Do you know how employers incorporate competency management in their business policies? Do they pay attention to such areas as the verification of competencies and methods of developing and financing employee development activities? In our research we assess the role of small and medium enterprises in the implementation of lifelong learning policy in Poland.



Self-Certification Report

Self certification reportThe Report presents the process and results of introducing qualifications frameworks in Polish higher education institutions. The document describes the Polish higher education system and details the elements of the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, as well as the work conducted during its preparation and all the stakeholders involved in its development. 


A Glossary of Key NQF Terms

slownik kluczowych pojec KRKThe Glossary was developed at the Educational Research Institute while working on the Polish Qualifications Framework. The glossary responds to the need to define the terms and harmonise the vocabulary related to the qualifications system in Poland. 


Referencing Report - brochure

Referencing Report - brochure The brochure presents a summary of the Polish Referencing Report, which was approved at the European forum in May, 2013. It is available in five languages – Polish, English, French, German and Russian.




Report on the Public Debate

Report on the Public Debate  The public debate on qualifications system in Poland lasted from February 2011 to September 2013. About 200 persons representing 101 institutions were involved in the meetings devoted to the Polish Qualifications Framework. The report presents the solutions developed for the national qualifications system during the debate. 




Polish Referencing Report

Polish Referencing ReportThe report references the proposed Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). It also presents the course and progress of work on other projects undertaken to modernise the national qualifications system in Poland. It shows that Poland meets the ten referencing criteria defined by the EQF Advisory Group.





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